Happy birthday to me… [+ the hangover release]

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Happy birthday to me... Haaaaaappy birthday... (I decided to celebrate my birthday with you assholes. Cue the foreveralone.jpg pics) I posted a story that happened to me a few weeks ago below the releases. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Assholes. As usual, we're looking for staff to increase our release speeds. If...

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Shamo v31

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Finally! Hello, beautiful people. So it's been a little while since our last release. Guess that's what happens when you have a staff shortage and me having no time to do any work because of a thousand different reasons. So if you think you can help out, PM me on IRC, post on the forums or email me. My email is...

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Umwelt (v2)

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Hallo, This is the first oneshot we've done in a while. And it's by one of our favorite authors, Igarashi Daisuke! He's the mangaka behind Witches, Hanashippanashi, Little Forest, Spirits Flying in the Sky... Good stuff, bro. Umwelt (!Umwelt !Umwat) - A big thank you to 10th Mystery from Japanzai for scanning...

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Brown…!!! (Part 1)

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Hallo. Firstly,  I'd like to thank those of you who emailed me to apply as Editors. It's really, really appreciated. And I apologize again for my delays with replying to your emails, it's almost like I'm running a one-man show. I'll try to email all three of you before I go to sleep tonight. For those of you...

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Raqiya Volume 3 & the future of the project

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Hallo. Not to sound repetitive, but as some of you might have noticed, we've been a little slow with the releases lately. We're in a big lack of staff. We have had some people who applied to edit, and I'm training them to the best of my abilities, but we're still looking for editors and now an experienced...

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