Dog Soldier v02 ( Nitouryu, illi, contact me ;( )

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So this week has been terrible to put it lightly. I've never had the flu that crushed me this bad and I haven't done anything since Sunday night. So today's release is a long time coming. We last did a release for this series in 2014 (yeesh!) and we're finally happy to get some new material out. Dog Soldier v02...

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Logs from my attempt at finding a cleaning tutorial on Youtube + Release + News

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Hello gang! I received an application from someone who wanted to clean! Great news! ...Until I remembered that there are basically no quality cleaning guides available on the internet. Lovely. So this time, instead of browsing through random websites and finding the usual shit that passes off as "meticulous",...

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A (smaller) Annual Celebration

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Hi, cuties~ Merry Christmas. As is usually the case, we have a big Christmas release. Not nearly as big as previous years, because, well... Yeah. But still, a good haul. (We need translators, redrawers, apply now~  gaminggodp at gmail dot com) Dokuro v4 (!Dokuro4) - The final volume of Saruwatari's wolf...

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The Hard 05

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Hello~ Recruiting! Translators and cleaners! The more we get, the more manga we can release. As one of the last seinen-focused groups around, we have a lot of stuff we'd like to work on but not nearly enough people to work on it. So, if you want more content, apply. :) PM me on IRC or email me gaminggodp at gmail...

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What, another?

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Yeah, really. It would be important for me to remind you guys that we're looking for editors (cleaners/redrawers). Right now, we're pretty much short on editors and translators, but mostly editors. I have a lot of stuff that we could work on, but currently cannot because I just don't have any editors for the work...

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