Inherit The Stars & Sasori

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Don't have time to write anything today, got work to do at home. Inherit The Stars 11 (!ITS11) Sasori 10 (!Sasori10)

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The Hard 07

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Two days in a row! The Hard 07 (!Hard07) - Hard goes on the hunt for the cunts and the cunts keep on comin'. Thanks to Molokidan for the translation and Matto24 for the cleans. Love you guys. By the way, I really need a proofreader for Me & The Devil Blues so that I can typeset it. Contact me on IRC or via email...

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Cat-chan manga

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Hoh boy, this one's been a long time comin'! Today we're releasing yet another Igarashi Daisuke manga. This release is also coming out simultaneously with the episode of Manben that Igarashi Daisuke was featured in. Our very own laika is the one that translates those episodes and you can watch them at...

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Sasori ch8

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Hi guys, It's been a lot longer in-between releases than I had really hoped, but well, that's life right now. I've had three total days off this whole month, including just one in the last 14 days or so. So I haven't really had as much time as I'd want to scanlate. I'm waiting to hear on our proofreader for Me & The...

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Me And The Devil Blues ch29

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Hooooh boy, this gon' be good! Today we have a new chapter from a series we haven't worked on in close to 6 full years. Six! Years! Holy crap is right. So as per usual, we need staff. We're very understaffed at the moment. How understaffed are we? Just to give you an idea, I do a lot of things for this...

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