Sasori 12

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Hi again! Sasori 12 (!Sasori12) - I'm pretty tired tonight, so I'll keep this short-ish. A big thank you to Molokidan for translating & the people at HappyScans! for their work on this chapter. Four more left and volume 1 will be done. Good night.

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Sasori 11

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Sasori 11 (!Sasori11) I might write something later, but I don't have much time.  

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Today we have a new short series drawn by Tetsuo Hara of the "Fist of the North Star" fame.  We'll be doing the releases by chapter at the pace of one per week, probably every Friday. The series is a joint with Hokuto no Gun, who were generous enough to provide a translation for this series. Go visit them and thank...

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Look up into the Stars, dude.

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Hi again. I swear: Get one skilled redrawer who works fast and everything seems to be coming back to life. Who'da thought it? Inherit The Stars 12 (!ITS12) - A big, big thank you once again to Elkin for translating. You're the best <3 ...When can you translate ch13? See you soon-ish.

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Devil Blues

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Hi! Been a really eventful day. Wasn't feeling well this morning, and when I went to work, I got into a big shouting match with some guy over the phone. After work, I release some Me & The Devil Blues. Good times. Me & The Devil Blues 30 (!Blues30) - Read chapters like this one and just try telling me the...

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