wao so much stuff waaaooo

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waaaaoooo (This isn't quite what I promised last time around, because we weren't able to finish that yet, but it's coming. I think. ...I hope.) Alice in Hell v03 (!Alice03) - It's been a long time since the last chapter of Alice. A big thank you to ckrit for picking up the translations and a big thank you to yam...

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About damn time!

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Hi, I'm here for my monthly update. So after nearly a thousand days, we finally have a new release for Koukou Tekken-den Tough! Thanks fucking Christ for that. Koukou Tekken-den Tough v25 (!Tough25) - The tournament continues and fights happen! Also includes an interview with Peter motherfucking Aerts, one of...

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My planned release crashed and burned ^_^

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Hi again. I had a planned release for today, July 23rd. Unfortunately, my editors ran away and I finished almost nothing. That's how it goes sometimes. In any case~ Jaguar (!Jaguar) - A oneshot by the Kiba Kouichi, the author of Kilico. A fun read. About a girl and her big-ass gun. Manyuuki volume 01...

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The Dragon’s School is on The Top of The Mountain

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Hi guys. Today we're introducing a new project called, The Dragon's School is on The Top of The Mountain by Kui Ryoko. If you recall, we also did Seven Little Sons of the Dragon by her a few years ago. The Dragon's School is on The Top of The Mountain is Kui Ryoko's first published work in 2011 and is another...

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Sasori 12

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Hi again! Sasori 12 (!Sasori12) - I'm pretty tired tonight, so I'll keep this short-ish. A big thank you to Molokidan for translating & the people at HappyScans! for their work on this chapter. Four more left and volume 1 will be done. Good night.

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