It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

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Hello~ Long time no talk.  I'd like to write a little longer, but I'm pretty under the weather tonight, so I'll just leave you with the important stuff. The Hard 03 (!Hard03) - The third chapter of Saruwatari's The Hard. Enjoy the violence. Big thank you to Molokidan as usual for translating. Have a good one.

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I Am A Hero v16

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I Am A Hero v16 (!IAAH16)

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Just wrapping some stuff up

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What? Two release in a little over a week? Who do you think you are, active!? Well, kind of I guess. ?_? As usual, we're looking for staff! We're in big need of some redrawers, cleaners/editors and translators. We want to do a lot of stuff but we're lacking in man power. Today's releases are all things that...

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“They say that a HERO can save us”

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-Chad Kroeger Oh hey. That's a pretty terrible song, huh? So a big thank you goes out to Ruroni for hooking us up with an ftp. Love you buddy. We're still looking for more staff. Translators, redrawers and cleaners. The more of those we get, the faster we can release what we're working on and God knows, I...

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Need a new FTP

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Hello! So since we do releases once a month now from the look of things, I'll have to make more annoying requests. :) We're looking for a new FTP host. Our previous host had to shut down his site and now we're stuck looking for someone new to host us. We have roughly ~200 gigs of stuff (~150gigs of raws,...

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