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Look up into the Stars, dude.

Posted in Releases by  •  May 11, 2016

Hi again. I swear: Get one skilled redrawer who works fast and everything seems to be coming back to life. Who'da thought it? Inherit The Stars 12 (!ITS12) - A big, big thank you once again to Elkin for translating. You're the best <3 ...When can you translate ch13? See you soon-ish.

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Devil Blues

Posted in Releases by  •  May 6, 2016

Hi! Been a really eventful day. Wasn't feeling well this morning, and when I went to work, I got into a big shouting match with some guy over the phone. After work, I release some Me & The Devil Blues. Good times. Me & The Devil Blues 30 (!Blues30) - Read chapters like this one and just try telling me the...

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I Am A Hero v16

Posted in Releases by  •  July 23, 2015

I Am A Hero v16 (!IAAH16)

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9 years old

Posted in Releases by  •  November 11, 2014

(If this was a child, it'd be in third grade. Unless it was a problem child, but whatever.) Hallo, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our annual anniversary release. We are now 9 years old. Seriously, nine years old. I'm not totally sure how we were able to last so damn long, but we did somehow. It's been kind...

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Hepatica v01

Posted in Releases by  •  October 13, 2014

Hallo! We're a little late. Again. I bet you're shocked. As usual, we're looking for more staff. Especially picture editors. The more staff we can get, the more work we can get done, especially considering this is the busy season with the group anniversary coming up & Christmas. So PM me on IRC or email...

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We’re slow

Posted in Releases by  •  October 4, 2014

Hi! Seems like it's been a while. Sorry, yo. I took a scanlation vacation and I was slacking a little. But I'm back now and I have some work to do! As usual, we're looking for more staff. We specifically need more editors/cleaners. We have a looooot of things we want to work on, but we just don't have the...

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Rookies Oneshot

Posted in Releases by  •  August 12, 2014

Hello, (I'm in a bit of a rush, so no fancy post today) We're recruiting staff, please contact me via IRC or via email - gaminggodp at gmail dot com Rookies Oneshot (!RookiesOne) - To celebrate the thirty years of Young Jump, and created to advertise the new (at the time, 2009) Rookies movie. Rookies is now...

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And the guy was dead serious when he said that. Hello, my friend~ I don't have much time, so here's the usual stuff: We need staff. Help us out. PM me on IRC or contact me via e-mail (Please note that I'm a notoriously slow replier with e-mails) at gaminggodp at gmail dot com So, yeah! I Am A Hero v14...

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Happy birthday to me... Haaaaaappy birthday... (I decided to celebrate my birthday with you assholes. Cue the foreveralone.jpg pics) I posted a story that happened to me a few weeks ago below the releases. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Assholes. As usual, we're looking for staff to increase our release speeds. If...

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Shamo v31

Posted in Releases by  •  July 10, 2014

Finally! Hello, beautiful people. So it's been a little while since our last release. Guess that's what happens when you have a staff shortage and me having no time to do any work because of a thousand different reasons. So if you think you can help out, PM me on IRC, post on the forums or email me. My email is...

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