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So, I've spent the last few weeks working on some things on and off.  And figured I'd exploit whatever page views we get from the anniversary release to announce my offerings.  First, I need to thank GGpX and laika for being very helpful guinea pigs testing and catching issues with the programs.  Now, on to the...

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New Typesetterer Release

Posted in Typesetterer by  •  March 3, 2014

It's been a couple years and the bug to work on the app has bitten be again.  Though not enough to supply me with sufficient ambition to exceed only adding a couple of changes.  This release will interact differently with Photoshop, so it should work with future releases painlessly(until they drop feature...

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I know a while back I said I wouldn't be picking up any long series because I'd like to focus on some of our current series and just pick up shorter series because they aren't huge commitments, but...I couldn't help it.I love myself some Urasawa Naoki.Master Keaton ch5-8 (!MK05 to !MK08) - We'll eventually re-do...

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Typesetterer version released

Posted in Typesetterer by  •  March 26, 2012

Hello fellow scanlators, (All three of you)illiteracy released the Typesetterer version You can download it here:http://illuminati-manga.com/illiteracy/typesetterer/I don't know all of the changes, but they include:-New interface-Two new features. The first includes Styles, where you can have font sets for...

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